Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nashville-Based Clink Merchant Looks to Profit from Immigration Drama in Southern California

CCA is looking to expand its San Diego detention center into a "mega-prison," amidst ACLU law suits and questionable incarceration practices:

Nashville, Tenn.-based Corrections Corporation of America has applied for a permit to build a “secure detention facility” in two phases on a parcel of about 40 acres ....

It would hold more than four times the number of people that the immigration agency now holds in San Diego. The agency, known as ICE, contracts with Corrections Corporation of America to house up to 700 detainees – individuals awaiting deportation or a decision in immigration cases – at the company's private San Diego Correctional Facility, which sits on land leased from the county.

Read the whole article to get a feel for CCA's checkered history and the lack of ICE certainty about how a huge new facility would be used as well as local neighborhood concerns about expansion. CCA billed the federal government for millions per month in order to incarcerate innocent children in Texas.

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