Saturday, March 15, 2008

Google Ads Prove that Tygard and Maynard Were Blowing Smoke on the Cost of LED Signs

One of the things that happens whenever I blog here on any topic is that my subject gets indexed in my attached Google Ads, which in turn selects ads mostly likely to fit the topic I write about in order to reach the audience most likely to click on those ads. So, with all of my writing about the Council bill to permit churches to have the same LED signs that commercial enterprises (assuming that churches have not simply become commercial themselves) have, the ads flip to those most likely to appeal to an audience interested in church LEDs.

And those ads are themselves providing some interesting information that debunks the arguments made bill sponsor Charlie Tygard, ethically challenged at-large member/pastor Jerry Maynard, and sign maker Bobby Joslin, all of whom have argued that the $20,000 price tag on LED signs present a natural prohibition on most churches getting these signs. One of the links advertised here on Enclave prices church LEDs for about $7,000. That's a far cry from $20K, and it makes the pro-LED side look dishonest and manipulative. Both Mr. Tygard and Mr. Maynard should answer for the inaccuracy in advertising that they are promoting from their influential seats on the council.

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