Monday, March 10, 2008

District 17 Council Member Indicates that the LED Bill Will Pass

CM Sandra Moore seems to suggest in an email to her District 17 constituents that they better get their feedback in sooner rather than later about Charlie Tygard's LED bill if they hope to have any influence before Council passes the bill, as if the votes are already there for bill passage. Read all the way to the end of this paragraph in an e-mail that was posted to the 12South list:
If you have questions or concerns about Metro's pending legislation regarding digital and LED (light emitting diode) signs, please contact Council Lady Sandra Moore at, or telephone her at 386-9246. Ordinance No. BL2008-152 passed second reading before the Metro Council on March 4, so please contact Council Lady Moore as soon as possible if you have questions so that they may be addressed before the legislation is finally adopted by the Council.
Does that not create the impression that Council approval is in the bag already?

UPDATE: Sandra Moore says in the comments below that she was asking for comments from constituents, but not endorsing the LED bill, but she did not deny that she was indicating in the email that she thought passage is a sure thing. That's really what this post is about.

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  1. This is from Council Member Sandra V. Moore/District 17th- on the comments from whomever wrote the blog. This council member wanted to have feedback from the district as to what they felt about the LED/Digital signs. This was no way an endorsement-thank you