Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Flip-Flopping School Board Candidate

Will Eric Crafton again turn Marsha Warden's past thank-you notes into de facto endorsements even though in the next election he is running against her; even though before his last run for office Crafton postured himself the culture warrior against public education? Will we see the pro-school board Crafton or the anti-school board Crafton?


  1. He just got elected to the council. This latest move is again for publicity and Crafton does not get it. He needs to do the job he ran for and was elected for. People are tired of his antics and he will soon find out he will lose the little support he had for the district council seat. People out here in Bellevue say he will withdraw and this is only an attempt to get publicity.

  2. I'd like to see more publicity drawn to the fact that his (or any other members') child goes to a private school. How is it not a conflict of interest for a council or school board member to make funding and other decisions affecting public schools when their families are opting out of that same system?

    If you were a council or school board member why wouldn't you cut support to public schools (i.e., taxes) so that your resources could be used to support your private school of choice?