Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why Are the Conservative Critics of Local Government the Ones Who Keep Reaching for Local Government Jobs?

Charlie Tygard, who called our public buildings "monuments to government," spits in the eye of term limits and wins an at-Large seat. Eric Crafton, who once threw a tantrum over the amount of government subsidized paper that he has to read, is probably going to run for the school board. Jim Gotto, who signed a no tax pledge and then voted to raise Metro taxes, is now looking at a run for State Senate. And this morning I read that Buck Dozier, who once criticized the Metro budget as being too big and unwieldy, has been awarded a $90,000 a year Metro job in a noncompetitive search that looks like a good-ole-boy appointment to get in good with Metro Council at budget time.

For guys who front such hatred for goverment, they seem to love staying in government. What's up with that hypocrisy?

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