Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salemtown Association President Takes LED Opposition to at-Large Members

Freddie O' takes the pulse emitting from Salemtown and sheds some light on it in a letter to the 5 at-large council members:

Dear Councilmembers,

Several of our neighbors have been closely following the ordinance governing the use of LED signs in residential areas, and many have expressed serious concerns. Having lived personally by one of the billboards covered in the first part of the ordinance, I find that even the smaller LED signs covered in the first part of the ordinance don't have much to recommend them in Nashville's residential neighborhoods. Even with the amendment, several streets that pass through the heart of our primarily residential neighborhood have properties that would qualify for these signs. In our neighborhood, I'm currently concerned about 4th Avenue North, Garfield Street, and Buchanan Street, all of which cut through the heart of our neighborhood.

As a citizen, I hope you will all oppose this bill in the event that it comes up for 3rd reading.

As president of a neighborhood association whose neighbors have expressed opposition to this bill with its current amendment, I am presenting this to our Executive Committee with a recommendation that our association formally oppose it as well.

The benefits to schools, cultural centers, recreational centers, and religious institutions that will accrue from these signs frankly do not outweigh the reduction in quality of life that will affect residences in line of sight and residential neighborhoods as a whole.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for your service.
Freddie O'Connell
President, Salemtown Neighbors

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