Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Duplex Bill Deferred and Redirected to Committee

CM Charlie Tygard adds an amendment to his two-family, detached duplex bill in order to exempt most of the urban core (the old Nashville city boundaries) and historic overlays. Unamended bill had been rejected by the planning and zoning committee (3-7). CM Mike Jameson said it looks good to him (which is good enough for me). The amendment was adopted by council and the bill was deferred in order to go back to the committee.

I would say that CM Tygard's LED bill ought to move in the same direction: if it is to pass, then it needs so many exceptions to the 7,600 streets currently listed as eligible for LEDs that the list would shrink to a tiny fraction of what it is. Or better yet, follow CM Megan Barry's advice to come up with directives for Zoning Appeals to help individual churches get sign approval with local community support and without imposing on other neighborhoods.

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