Monday, March 24, 2008

The Only News Here Is That Eric Crafton May Be Continuing an Unbroken String of Memorializing Resolutions Since He First Attempted to Limit Them

Maybe that string is why members were seen rolling their eyes at the end of the last council meeting.

NCP reporter Amy Griffith should have mentioned in her piece that CM Crafton's school board term-limit "bill" would be a Memorializing Resolution that communicates the preference of the council (if passed) instead of commanding compliance (the council does not have term-limiting power over the school board). Compare the conclusion in this piece that an MR "could lead to limited terms" to the suggestion in a past CP story that an English-official MR passed overwhelmingly by the council did not have a "hard effect."

Also, take note of who votes for this bill, since some council members have argued in the past that MRs "don't do anything."

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