Saturday, March 03, 2007

Accursed Timing

Two days after a local Republican ex-State Senate candidate dropped a steaming pile of confusion between interpersonal civility and refined language by saying less cussing on the right side of the blogosphere amounts to greater civility on the right side of the blogosphere, right-wing drama queen Ann Coulter buried the pile and shuffled dust over it with comments about Democratic candidate John Edwards. Coulter called Edwards a "faggot" in the disparaging style that the word is often meant by the homophobic among us, and she did so to the ovations of the Conservative Political Action Conference on the same agenda with the 2008 Republican Party Presidential Candidates. Explain the civility Coulter's use of "faggot" for me please.

UPDATE: It appears that our one-time Republican candidate wants to have it both ways. First, He argues that the Conservative Political Action Conference is moderate as reflected in a straw poll. Then, ignoring his own comments about how conservatives are so much more civil than liberals and the fact that Ann Coulter was invited to throw her red meat to the Conference among the 2008 Republican candidates, he argues that Ms. Coulter is not popular with Republicans, based on his survey of--get this--blogs. Then he compares Ms. Coulter to Jesse Jackson, which--even with Rev. Jackson's faults--is a strained analogy when one considers Ms. Coulter's lack of civility.


  1. It's an art form, really, the way they engage in certain acts, then promptly turn around and accuse their opponents of being the ones that do it. Take media bias, for example. The Right has done a brilliant job of painting most of the media with a liberal brush, when they own most of major media.

    I have to tell you, I can't think of the Left's equivalent to Ms. Coulter. If it's Michael Moore, I'll take him hands down over that viper.


  2. How does posting unsupported accusations of corruption against a Metro Councilwoman with an admirable record of public service fit into this?

    Just because she doesn't kowtow to your particular special interest...

    But if one is a community activist, I suppose that one is exempt.