Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Things Change; Others, Not So Much

One of the interesting parts about being on vacation for about ten days is coming back and seeing the changes around the neighborhood: greener grass, emerging flowers, budding trees. But some things don't change. Take, for instance, a certain 6th Avenue development, previously cited for soil erosion, which put up silt fence before we left. We've returned to find that part of the fence is down, a fresh new bank of dirt is waiting, unobstructed, for the next rainstorm, and a new layer of silt occupies the curb run-off at 5th and Hume from last week's rain. Some things don't change.

But some do. We also got back to find a notice of Public Hearing in the mail sent to us from the Planning Department. That notice says that the owners of Salem Gardens (corner of Garfield Street and 6th and co-owned by Schoene Ansicht owners) are requesting a zone change from the last year's zone change for which they got our neighborhood association's support. I remember watching the Metro Council Public Hearing on last year's zone change request during which a Salem Gardens co-owner told the Council that they had received the support of Salemtown Neighbors.

Yet, the owners have not come back to us and asked for our support on this zone change, and I have to wonder why. What is it about this zone change that makes Salem Gardens partners think that we won't support it? I've taken that question and several others to the Planning Department and I'll keep you posted, because the Planning Commission's Public Hearing is this Thursday, March 22 at 4:00 p.m. at the Howard Office Building on 2nd Avenue.

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