Friday, March 16, 2007

NewsChannel5 Picked Up Blogger's Ben West Video without Giving Credit

Sean Braisted's You Tube video of Ben West Jr.'s comments at a February 2007 Davidson County Democratic Party breakfast was the subject of a NewsChannel5 story broadcast last night. The story involved Mr. West's allegedly racist joke about Hispanic Republicans. NewsChannel5 reporter Amy Rau failed to credit Sean with the video footage of the story, instead referring to it simply as video from This is another instance of the mainstream media's laziness and their failure to properly source their stories.


  1. Heh...I don't think they'll be letting me film these events anymore.

  2. It is so shameful that the Democratic Party always seems to pander to minorities at election time while events such as this exemplify their true feelings for minorities. I'm sure Ben West will say he "Loves" them all as long as they vote democratic. Well Ben, you put the "dim" in Democratic.