Thursday, March 15, 2007

Metro Council Gets Another Chance to Screw Up a School Board Appointment

Ready to revive the old days of Davidson County Republican boss Jon Crisp assisting "The Insider" and other Council conservatives in selecting and staging an ideological candidate with little or no connections to public schools for an open School Board seat? Here is their second chance. Maybe they can find one this time who does not compare public education to slavery.

UPDATE: The Post reports that council members are being more cautious this time around and that they are planning to nominate Mark North, who has thrown his hat into the ring:
[Council Member Jim] Forkum, North and others probably want to avert a replay of the situation that seized school board District 5 in 2006, when the sudden departure of Board Member Rev. Lisa Hunt led to the interim appointment of home-school parent Kay Brooks, who was unseated in the subsequent election by now-incumbent Gracie Porter.

Metro Council Finance Committee Chairman Rip Ryman (Dist. 10), who also resides in the district North wants to represent, said this morning, "I think he'll be a good one. I would think that the vast majority of all the council members [who represent portions of] that district would probably support him."
For the sake of the Metro Council's reputation and the good of representative democracy, let's hope so.

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  1. So instead let's just make sure we put in another union backed shill for the school system who will only "stay the course" with our schools.

    Sounds like a good idea to me.