Friday, March 16, 2007

Metro Council at-Large Candidate Takes Aim at Council's Discretionary Funds

Metro Council at-Large Candidate Megan Barry speaks her opposition to the "infrastructure" funds that the Council gave itself to spend on pet patrons out of previously uncollected property taxes:
Megan Barry [advocates] eliminating the use of a system, whereby council members are allocated $50,000 each to spread around their district as they please. Megan notes that the original purpose of those funds was to make infrastructural improvements, like filling potholes, and [it] wasn't designed to be a piggy bank for not-for-profits, as it is now. She also thinks that some of the allocations to not-for-profits haven't passed "the test" when it comes to public funds going to organizations with ties to organized religion. According to Megan, a better use of those funds (roughly 2 million dollars) might be to fully fund the Homeless Power project, which needs an additional 2.3 million.
Ms. Barry sets a refreshing change of pace in this race.

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