Thursday, March 29, 2007

6th and Garfield Rezoning Request Now in Metro Council Form

When Metro Council considers rezoning at the corner of 6th and Garfield next Tuesday, it will not be voting up or down on the Planning Commission's recommendation to allow duplexes balanced by single-family homes. Instead, it will consider the original request of the Salem Gardens partnership in the form of resolution BL2007-1422, which is sponsored by Council Member Ludye Wallace. The Planning Commission's disapproval of the group's request is clearly noted in the resolution, but their recommendation is not on the Council Agenda for Tuesday.

The resolution will be up for first reading, and a council spokesperson told me this afternoon that very rarely do zoning requests fail to pass first reading or get pulled off what is called the "consent agenda" (which is the overwhelming majority of first reading bills that get approved together as a group without any debate). He said that the Council usually waits until the second reading of zoning bills for the Public Hearing before they debate such requests. BL2007-1422 is set for Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 1.

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