Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's a Rainy Day, Which Means It's Time for Another Schöne Ansicht Silt Dump at 5th and Hume

Stormwater run-off problems? What stormwater run-off problems?

Yes, crews at the Schoene Ansicht development put up silt fence, but they didn't put one up on the lowest part of the property at the alley. In the picture above the end of the silt fence can be seen just beyond the green street sign (upper left hand corner). There are big piles of mud lining the alley; those piles were larger piles of dirt before the rain. Doesn't putting up silt fence only along Hume street act like a shunt, funneling run-off faster down hill to the alley and ultimately to 5th? I'm no engineer, but common sense leads me to ask: what good is silt fence if you don't block debris from flowing downhill?

Lots of rocks and gravel were pulled down this latest Schoene Ansicht mud hole. I wonder what one of those "100 Year Rains" would have brought down.

With so much rain today, a lot of the silt washed down 5th Av. past Morgan Park before flowing into a storm sewer and northward up 5th Av. I'm seeing a lot of silty deposits along the curbs and curb cuts each way. That means when it dries we won't have to stroll down to the intersection to have it blow up in our eyes.

UPDATE: I forgot to recall that silt run-off from their property cost UP, LLC a Metro fine recently. It still failed to encourage these guys to be good neighbors.


  1. I've worked over at MetroCenter since the late 80's, all of the new development in Salemtown is a sight for sore eyes.
    That mud that you see my friend, looks like good old fashioned growth, progress, and appreciation.


  2. That mud is a violation of Metro Codes.

    You settle for mediocrity. I'll demand the best for my neighborhood.

  3. It is a violation. Mediocrity??? Where did that come from? It's clear that the builders are in the final stages of the groundwork. If I had to make a choice between the prior gang, prostitution, dope dealing, and other illegal activities (violations) that Salemtown was well known for. Or this mud violation. No contest..... The cause of that violation will make for a better neighborhood. The others will not.


  4. It's not exactly sound logic to say that because illegal activities used to go on in Salemtown, now residents should except anything much less worse that gets dumped on them. I wouldn't call that bad; I would call that mediocrity.

    When the traffic- and wind-blown silt originally washed down from Schoene Ansicht is blowing up in my toddler's face as she plays in our front yard, I don't find solace in your point that it could be worse: she could be playing next to a hooker. And I don't need lectures from someone who does not live here about dealing with problems like drug dealers or gang-related semi-assault gun-fire. I've dealt with both first hand and I've even blogged about some of those experiences.

    But the argument "it could be worse" applies to every situation. Including that of Steve Yokley and Taurus McCain: it could be worse. They could have faced neighborhood opposition for all of their projects, whether Salemtown Townhouses, Schoene Ansicht, or Salem Gardens. But they only started facing opposition when they made mistakes and when they started acting like they're sole cause of making Salemtown a good place to live and the rest of us should just accept whatever mistake they hand us without question.

    The neighborhood association started here in January 2005 without the help of either Taurus or Steve has made more of a difference in the increase in the quality of life here than either of those guys. The evidence is all here on Enclave. Go back to the archives and read it for yourself. Otherwise, spare me your guilt trip of what we owe UP, LLC because they owe us just as much if not more for having a nicer neighborhood in which to build and to make money.

  5. Wow!! Didn't mean to strike a nerve. I don't want to make a mistake, and get on your bad side.

    I found your blog a few weeks back and thought I'd make a couple two cent observations. I work over at MetroCenter and grew up on 6th, so I have plenty first hand recollection to offer.

    My sister has a home in a new subdivision in Brentwood and I have to tell you, dust will fly when
    there is construction in your immediate vicinity. I really thought Brentwood would have figured out a way to stop the dust from flying during construction.

    So I just want to say that I'm happy to see the progress.

    Sorry for pressing your buttons...


  6. Thanks for visiting Enclave.

    To borrow your argument: it could be worse; you might be dealing with an author who ignores your comments or doesn't give them the respect of reflection and serious debate.

    I didn't say spare me all your points; just the ones that seem to suggest that I don't know how bad it's been here and that UP,LLC is responsible for making our lives better when they've mostly complicated things. One of their partners recently threatened our association president, for Pete's sake.