Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How Many Metro Resources Would Be Wasted to Get Back to Square One at 6th and Garfield?

It is rather wasteful and distasteful that, over a year after the properties designated for Salem Gardens were zoned up from R6, they would revert back to the same R6 zoning if the partnership's request is approved the day after tomorrow. Metro has traveled a mile on zoning these properties to move a foot.

It is hard to judge who was responsible for this duplex-friendly regression. Planning tells me that they were not made aware of the existing stormwater challenges, while the Stormwater Department approved of the Salem Gardens zoning request to MUN, and the developers did not originally grasp what the underground requirements were. Why--in the name of saving Metro resources--did questions not get asked and details not get covered before the request came before the Planning Commission over a year ago?

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