Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Controversial and Previously Deferred Hermitage Neighborhood Bill Up for Consideration Again Tonight

Council Members J.B. Loring and Harold White will once again attempt to get a controversial Hermitage PUD to pass second reading at this evening's council meeting. That PUD allows expansion of a medical building that reportedly would increase automobile traffic in what residents at the last meeting called a walkable neighborhood.

Council deferred the second reading over the protests of Mr. Loring, who was grilled on whether meetings were sponsored to allow community feedback after several residents opposed the changes. No word on whether the co-sponsors held any community meetings before this reading.

As I mentioned before
, the only council members running for office in August who voted for deferral of this bill in order to get more neighborhood feedback were David Briley (Mayoral Candidate) and Carolyn Baldwin Tucker (Vice Mayoral Candidate). Neither Diane Neighbors (Vice Mayoral Candidate who was absent) nor Howard Gentry (current Vice Mayor and Mayoral Candidate, who only casts tie-breaking votes) voted on the deferral motion. Among those voting against deferring the controversial motion and thus voting against giving the Hermitage neighborhood a chance to give feedback was Buck Dozier (Mayoral candidate).

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