Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Westin Wins Council Approval

Just passed on third reading a few minutes ago.

UPDATE: The Post has the possible explanation on the failure of Council Member Lynn Williams to bring up an expected amendment to lower the height of the Westin. A cutesy parliamentary move to try and kill the bill by John Summers (he protested that the historic overlay bill on which the hotel depended had not yet passed) allowed another member to call for previous question and cut off the debate that would have granted Ms. Williams her and the hard-core preservationists amending opportunity. As Mike Jameson pointed out in his comments: the front of the hotel is only three stories to match the height of the buildings on Lower Broad. The tallest part sits 65 feet back from Broadway; that's a separation wider than the average size of most of the buildings fronting that street. Nonetheless, opponent Summers appeared to give advocate Jameson the gift of not having to fight the amendment battle with opponent Williams.

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