Sunday, March 25, 2007

Planning Commission Action on Salem Gardens Re-Zoning is Now Available

You can jump to the Planning Commission site to see their actions, including the last Thursday's decision on the Salem Gardens re-zoning request. This is the official wording of the Planning Commission decision; hence, it should be the exact wording in the neighborhood petition and in all correspondence with Metro Council Members who will eventually vote on the decision:
[Planning Commission] Action [on Item 2007Z-049U-08]: Disapprove (8-0) request to rezone to R6, but approve a rezone to RS7.5 on Parcels 491, 492 and 493 of Map 081-08.
Remember: R6 allows duplexes and RS7.5 requires single-family homes. Hence, if Metro Council approves of the Commission's Action, then 2 rather than 6 duplexes will be allowed to be built at 6th and Garfield. If the Duplex Kings intend to build anything else under these conditions, they must be single-family homes.

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