Friday, March 23, 2007

Duplex Wars: The Zoning Differences in Pictures

In the wake of yesterday's stunning decision by the Planning Commission to re-zone the Salem Gardens properties so that 3 of the 5 lots have single-family homes, consider the following pictorial depiction of the differences, as I understand them, in zoning requests/recommendations at 6th and Garfield.

Here is the sketch of Salem Gardens retail and residential development as originally proposed (and as supported by Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association) based on the zoning as it is right now:

Here is what the "Duplex Kings" (a.k.a, the former Salem Gardens partnership) are requesting:

Here is what the Planning Commission is recommending based on yesterday's Public Hearing:

This morning I contacted the Planning Department and I await their response on just exactly what the implications of the Commission's recommendation are for this development. But that recommendation in the third picture seems to be the one that Salemtown should be supporting without qualification. It seems to be the best compromise between developers' wish for money and the neighborhood's long-term welfare.

If we cannot have the first picture, then the third picture is a lot prettier than the second one.

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