Monday, March 05, 2007

The Price of Concrete Rises and Crafton Wants to Fix Developers' Sidewalk Charges

I've talked to a number of developers over the past year who almost unanimously agree that one of the reasons why building prices are skyrocketing is the increasing price of concrete. Yet, Metro Council member Eric Crafton intends to continue to push a bill--tonight through Public Hearing--that would fix developers' prices for installing sidewalks as a substitute for using the Department of Public Works' equation of the "average linear foot sidewalk project cost." I've already pointed to the unethical conflict of interest in Crafton's sponsorship of this bill. But do conservatives like Crafton only abide by the "laws of supply and demand" when it is convenient for them to do so? By the way, the Planning Commission disapproved (7-1) this bill in October.

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