Thursday, March 29, 2007

Portland Brews to 86 Bagel Sandwiches; Goldies is a Good Alternative

The java titans at Portland Brews are dissatisfied with the fact that they are losing money on egg sandwiches like my personal favorite, "the Salem" (which includes hot sauce, tomatoes, and cheese; there is no better breakfast sandwich in Nashville when the concoction is put on a toasted sesame bagel). I talked to a Po-Brews staffer the other day and tried to convince him to try other options like not offering substitutions on the sandwiches (some customers order egg-whites only; now that looks like a real hassle) and only serving them for a couple of hours in the morning rather than getting drastic and dropping them altogether. But they seem resolute. They seem to be heading towards another niche of offering different kinds of espresso beans selected by coffee connoisseurs with discriminating palettes along with catered pre-made lunch-time sandwiches. That's not very attractive for my low-country tastes. So, get those good breakfast sandwiches while you can.

Or, head over to Goldies Deli in Sylvan Park (strangely enough located in the former Portland Brews building) and try out their egg sandwich. I had the one that included "breakfast beef," and it was good eating and decent consolation to losing "the Salem." I suggest that you get your coffee at Po-Brews and then head over to Goldies. Like me, you may find yourself thinking that you won't miss "the Salem" or "the Arago" that much after they're gone.

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