Wednesday, April 09, 2008

There's Your Trouble

Again from Tobia:
Council members say that [former Mayor] Purcell and his administration wouldn’t return phone calls, didn’t consult them about legislation and generally treated the council as a nuisance to be endured, rather than a co-equal branch of government.
I won't fault them for being miffed about unreturned calls or a lack of consultation, but why should they presume that they are a co-equal branch of Metro government under a Charter which establishes a strong executive? One of the reasons that Metro Council has earned the reputation of "a nuisance to be endured" is because they've tried to act bigger than they really are. It's also what makes them one of the perennial worst Metro services.

"Co-equal"? "Co-dependent" is more accurate.

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  1. And full of jockeying to be seen. The Mayor should be the head and you are right they think they are more than what they are. The size needs to be reduced.