Sunday, April 13, 2008

Clinton in Cozy Financial Relationship with Chinese Internet Firm Involved in Tibet Crackdown on Human Rights

Further evidence that money has a way of displacing basic human decency. I wonder how many of these duplicitous Chinese firms are being courted by the State of Tennessee's Department of Economic Development from their new office in China? Would Governor Bredesen give us the same standard justification that running with devils is necessary if we are going to compete in "free" trade? Why should anyone have to choose between freedom and "free" trade?

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  1. And, like the wild card he is, when do you think he consulted her on his decision to take an "unspecified private donation". "Clinton", aka Hillary and Bill by some, are not the same person and anyone who knows strong personalities who have stayed married as long as they knows that their ability to stay together is related to giving the other space. And he, not unlike many guys, feels his space is bigger. The rules don't apply to him according to him.