Monday, April 14, 2008

Checkered Restaurant Audibly Assaults Adelicia Residents

The Bound'ry Restaurant--which has been connected with past controversy--reportedly turned its sub woofers up after midnight one morning recently, waking Adelicia Condominium residents, even a number of floors above the street.

Calls residents made to The Bound'ry to ask the restaurant to bring down the decibels were reportedly met with cold indifference. Police were called out, but the cops merely drove by the the Bound'ry without stopping. Some residents are looking into the amplification codes to determine what the acceptable late night decibel level is in and around the Vanderbilt area restaurant.

Some business owners simply fail to understand that their indifference to the neighborhood has a way of emboldening neighbors to action. I'd like to see the residents grab a decibel meter and a camcorder to use in the future if they find out that there are stricter amplification codes. If not, then they ought to contact their council member, Erica Gilmore, and look into tightening up the code. Either way, they're going to need a strong homeowners association to win. Finally, they should also contact the community affairs officer in their police precinct to check into why the cops did not stop to follow-up on the noise complaint.


  1. Maybe the homeowners of the Adelicia should have thought twice about where they were moving to,...its Midtown for goodness sakes! The place where bars and restaurants stay open till 3am. The place where the music has been cranked up after midnight for years. Thats like asking everyone to keep the noise down on 2nd Avenue, so the residents living above the bars can have a good night sleep.

  2. Residents have lived in Midtown longer than either the Adelicia or the Bound'ry have existed.

    And it's not anything like 2nd Avenue: scroll up for why.