Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cavalcade of Capitalists: Fat Oil Cats Insure that the White House Will Keep Changing Their Litter Box

Big Oil is pouring big money into the coffers of the remaining presidential contenders:

Republican candidate Senator John McCain is in the lead with $291,685, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is close behind with $289,950 in contributions.

Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama trails the two with $163,840 in oil and gas contributions ....

Oil giant Exxon Mobil is not taking any chances in its lobbying and has given contributions to all three candidates. Long a target for environmentalists, Exxon has given the most, $23,550, to Senator Obama and the least to Senator McCain with just $7,950. Senator Clinton received $15,700.

The one mission that George W. Bush did accomplish with the Iraq War was to drive gas prices up to the four-dollar-a-barrelgallon range. It looks like the next president, whether Democrat or Republican, will be beholden to big oil to keep it up. What's the difference between these candidates again?

UPDATE: Perhaps Big Oil is also paying back the three U.S. Senators for the Senate's restoration of $21 billion in tax breaks last Christmas. What a viciously circular relationship. All of this crap just makes me yearn to write in "Al Gore" in November; an inconvenient truth, I know.


  1. "four dollar a barrel"?

    you wish

  2. I wish

    my critics had the guts to put a real name to their corrective comments.