Friday, April 25, 2008

The LED Task Force Debate Has Started Online, away from the Mainstream Media

E-mails are being volleyed back and forth today between neighborhood leaders and Metro Council Members over the LED task force. The debate on LEDs themselves hasn't started yet, but there are questions leveled concerning the make-up and membership of the task force. Charlie Tygard has responded that he asked east and west Nashville council members to recommend the neighborhood leaders who are the members of the group and that a task force larger than 10 members is too big.

More later.

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  1. CM Tygard is creating a lopsided task force and ignoring numerous neighborhood groups that fought passionately against LED signs in residential areas. Today Tygard revealed that he had asked his friends on the Council from the east and west of the city to nominate neighborhood representatives. Why only two neighbors from the entire city? Why only east and west? Why does the task force only include 20% neighbors? This bill will impact neighbors the most!! Tygard's task force will just be a joke, a farce, nothing more than a dog and pony show? Tygard will stack the playing field and then take a vote. The lopsided vote will reflect the lopsided task force. Tygard will get up at the council meeting and declare that the task force has made a break through and that a majority voted in favor of LED signs in neighborhoods. That will give his pro-business buddies on the council the ammunition that they need to justify to their constituents a YES vote for LED signs in neighborhoods. Every neighbor in this city needs to contact their council member and tell them no way. Get the LED out!!