Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Close to Compromise? Say What?

NCP reporter Nate Rau has a piece this morning that sketchily summarizes the LED controversy that you've been reading about here on Enclave. But he writes that the opposing sides may be "close to a compromise." I'm not sure where he's getting that impression, because I don't see it (and I was at Monday night's meeting and I have been consistently writing about this story since I broke the news of the LED bill ahead of the mainstream media). Charlie Tygard is still acting like this is a legitimately appointed "task force" and that he has special powers above and beyond his responsibilities as a council member. There's still hard feelings about how neighborhood representatives were selected. As I wrote last night, the only surprise from Monday's meeting is that sign maker Bobby Joslin conceded that the residential piece should probably come out of Tygard's bill. Compromise? I think not, at least not yet.

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