Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise

The Scene reports that we may see at-Large Council Member Jerry Maynard's "beer cabaret" bill again thanks to the efforts of former at-LCM Adam Dread, who is now a lobbyist for the "Pure Gold" chain of strip clubs (God, why did I ever vote for Adam Dread that one time?).

Sounding either paternalistic or feminist at a twisted Orwellian angle, CM Maynard explained that his bill (which was withdrawn at the last council meeting) is designed to "protect" women.

But the biggest insult to voters was Mr. Maynard's claim that he had no self-interest in this. That's true only if you parse "campaign contributions from strip club chains, Adam Dread, and beer companies" out of the "self-interest" equation. To talk as if he can't benefit from a strip-club ordinance is misleading and a poor show of character. To use his title of "preacher" as his rationale--effectively shielding the financial interests behind this bill--is repugnant.

This bill may fall to some other sponsor when reintroduced, but to me it will always be Jerry Maynard's beer cabaret bill. He's already done his part to make the lobbyists happy, and he cannot shake off the label just like that.

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