Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reinvigorated Chicago Gang Wars Cause Spike in the Deaths of Public School Children in their Neighborhoods

The toddling town has had trouble protecting its own school children:

Since the beginning of the school year, 24 public school students here have been murdered, most by gunfire. None was killed on school grounds but most lost their lives in their neighborhoods, sometimes on the way to class or the trip home. The youngest victim was a 7-year-old girl, waiting for an afternoon snack at a fast food drive-through with her father.

A reinvigorated gang war over territory south and west of downtown is at least partly to blame for the rising mayhem that is ensnarling ever-younger schoolchildren on neighborhood battlefields. An overwhelming majority of Chicago’s public school students — some 85 percent, according to federal statistics — live in poverty. Some find respite only at school.

Police are escorting kids to schools, where inside "violent incidents are down, and college admissions are up."

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  1. Gang Wars are Escalating. These youthful assassins are the purveyors of drugs, prostitution, guns, and "murder for hire". They are no where near the people we considered gangsters in the 90's where they were from the Italian mafia or bootleggers. In march, Chicago even broke an all-time record for murders.

    This has to be dealt with seriousness and the punishment should be high. Chicago is not safe anymore and this has to be stopped.

    Thank you for this wonderful post.