Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beth Harwell, Ever the Consumer Advocate

With her toy company's recall history and toxic toy connections to China, State Representative Beth Harwell has decided that she has no interest in protecting Tennessee families from dangerous toys:

Harwell, who cleverly filed her own toy disclosure bill to try to fend off [a defeated opponent's bill directed at her company] now says she won’t try to pass her legislation. Turns out, she says, it’s unnecessary.

“It’s very difficult for the state to regulate international commerce, as you might imagine,” she says with a straight face. “We also run into the problem of usurping federal authority. We can’t do it.”

Rest assured, Tennessee parents, that Rep. Harwell will keep those toxic Chinese toys flowing into the state; that increases the bottom line of her family toy business, even if it may put your kids at higher risk.

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  1. Because, silly, Republicans only care about profits, not people!