Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Not Like It Would Take a Techno-Geek to Find It

Progressive Nashville points out that Metro doesn't need to spend any tax money on software that would rout public transit data so that people could Google their bus routes and other MTA information. That's right. That technology if currently free for Metro's taking, but they have yet to take.

While PN is encouraging folks to call and send e-mails to MTA and to Mayor Karl Dean, I have to question why, if our transit authority is committed to effective communication and our Mayor is committed to providing the best services he can get for the limited bucks, have they not discovered and embraced this possibility on their own initiative? It's not like Google's hack is top secret or preliminary. Other cities around the country are using it, for heavens sake. Do they explore best practices in other cities? That would seem to be part of their job description, would it not?

You may remember that we found out after the Metro Election Commission break-in that their office windows were not alarmed, making access to sensitive voter information a snap. Why is it that relatively easy and attainable measures seem so inscrutable and remote for our local government?

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