Sunday, April 13, 2008

Germantown Blog Encourages Neighbors to Contact Codes about Vagrants Occupying Vacant Apartments, Breaking into Other Homes

From the Historic Germantown blog:

The section 8 apartments on 6th, 1217 and 1219 were being semi demolished to renovate. All work on the apartments has ceased and for several months were vacant. Now they are occupied by vagrants and creatures of the 4 legged variety. There is all sorts of trash inside them. Last night, one of the residents broke into Joni's house across the street. She and I have called codes, and we hope you will do the same. All you have to do is go to: the lower right hand corner is a section for reporting code violations. The address again is 1217-1219 Sixth Ave. North. Please neighbors, help us out.

Alternatively you may call 862-6590, and talk with a real person.

Codes does not have a good reputation for its responsiveness.

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