Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some Choice Words about Liberal Bloggers

Demarcationville, no Democratic wingnut, has a few choice words for anonymous and pseudonymous Republicans whose response was to scoff at the idea and to downplay the reality that liberals might be able to raise an impressive amount of money for Democrats using nothing beyond their two-day blogothon:
Go ahead. Scoff Republicans. After all, this isn’t a vast amount of money. (It might buy a ticket or two to one of those GOP events.) And the fact is state Republicans have always recognized the benefits of online political communities and have relied upon them immensely to help spread information and, yes, sometimes inaccuracies. Whatever works, right?

Still, given the small number of participants, the amount of time in which they organized the campaign and raised the money, and the fact that they did so in absence of any upcoming election (which tends to create a sense of urgency in donors), the effort becomes far more laudable, don’t you think? You may also want to take note of the fact that the Dem’s are expanding their network of supporters. Don’t forget that.

It might be important later.

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