Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alexander Chooses a Position on the Extreme Right

The "centrist" faction of the U.S. Senate slashed school construction funding that stands to reason as stimulus in the just passed Senate stimulus bill because Republicans who would vote with the "centrists" hate funding public schools.

Look at Nelson's friggin' faulty logic: there is fear that giving more federal money to schools would lead to federal mandates on local schools, even as the federal government hands TARP money to banks with no fear of federal mandates at all. My smoke screen detector is going off. These lawmakers could bar mandates on local schools and still provide the funds needed to create construction jobs as new schools are built (subsidized education is long-term stimulus).  Why are they ignoring that fact? Because Republicans hate public schools and want to spend as little money as possible on them.

And acting like the conservative Senate stimulus bill failed an ideological litmus test, Tennessee's Lamar Alexander is not even satisfied with the stimulus debris the "centrists" left.

UPDATE: Facing South explains how the centrist bill will cost the south 128,000 to 160,000 jobs that the original House bill would have generated.

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