Saturday, February 14, 2009

Smooth Move, HGI

The Historic Germantown, Inc. neighborhood association elected as its new president Bob Williams, who once got mad at my blogging and consequently called the Salemtown association president and one other person unconnected with Enclave "fucking morons." Whether a new association president likes or dislikes Enclave is the moot point here. But I find the fact that Williams vented his anger at innocent bystanders and that he had the nerve to cuss them out in an unpresidential way highly objectionable. Looks like the winter of discontent between HGI and Salemtown Neighbors neighborhood association will not be thawing anytime soon with Williams at the helm. I trust that G-towners elected this guy for his managerial skills, because a good will ambassador who reaches out to other neighborhoods in the spirit of mutual support he is not.

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