Thursday, February 26, 2009

Edgefield Neighborhood Moves to Remind Metro's New Administration That Riverfront Plan Has Already Been Assessed

Michael Cass breaks the news that Historic Edgefield, Inc. is organizing to blunt any "reassessment" the Mayor's Office and MDHA might be seeking at a March 7th public forum in East Nashville. A HEI leader writes:
At a recent downtown presentation, Metro officials indicated a desire to "reassess" the plan to which we all already committed. Although thousands of Nashvillians spent over 16 months and a half a million dollars to develop this specific implementation plan and despite the commitment of the Metro Council to fund it, MDHA has yet to break ground on Phase 1.

Please be sure to come out on March 7th to encourage MDHA to COMMIT TO THE RIVERFRONT PLAN. We have waited long enough. The funding is there. The public sentiment is clear. Come make your voice heard.
I was one of those thousands of Nashvillians participating in the feedback process, and I would hate to think that my own personal time and tax dollars were wasted with a reassessment by a new Metro administration.

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