Saturday, February 07, 2009

Serpas: General Assembly is Fine with Repeat Rapes

Via Christian Grantham, Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas wants to know why it is so easy for the State of Tennessee and the General Assembly to let convicted rapists go free to rape again:
“It's an issue of the state that refuses to hold dangerous people behind bars. It's the legislature's duty to define it, and quite honestly, you need to go ask the Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House of Representatives what are they going to do about living in a state where this happens time after time after time.”

This guy accosted a 16 year old child in 2005, and the best the system gave him was three years probation? Please! Every father in Tennessee, every husband in Tennessee and every father of a child who's a girl ought to be raising up their arms and saying 'what the hell is going on?' The truth of the matter is this is so disgusting. It happens everyday. You get our press releases everyday. This is what the state of Tennessee's legislature is comfortable with. You have to ask them.”
This is not the first time Chief Serpas has confronted the state on the issue of sentencing.

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  1. I applaud Serpas for this, but am forced to ask why didn't extend the same logic to cover cses like Gustavo Reyes? Arrested at least 14 times prior to his fateful accident that claimed two innocent people's lives, he was back out in each case with minimal time served.

    Deportation? Tried it. He came back.

    Yet this man's case was the impetus for 287(g), and i haven't heard a peep from anyone asking why its not considered a flaw in our criminal justice system, instead of our immigration system?