Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gary Odom may not like this

State Senator Doug Henry looks like he is wading into the fight to shield Bells Bend from urban sprawl by proposing to convert everything from Beaman Park in the north to the Cumberland River's huge tear drop turn abutting the Charlotte Park neighborhood into a Rural and Natural Resources area. That would effectively retire the interest the May Family, Tony Giarrantana, and Democratic General Assembly Representative Gary Odom have in making Bells Bend into a "second downtown Nashville." It also defends the interests of the neighborhood association, which has opposed Metro Council and Planning attempts to rezone developers into the Bend.

Contact your State Senators and Representatives and ask them to support Senator Doug Henry's bill to turn Bells Bend into a Rural and Natural Resources area. Force the developers to choose some other already paved over part of Davidson County. The recession has driven real estate prices down everywhere, so the developers should find existing urban real estate more affordable now.

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