Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Uncle might have said

I'm formulating a column for NashFreep two weeks from now, and I'm doing some research and kicking a couple of ideas around in my head. My browsing brought me to a 2006 post over at SayUncle's gun blog on abortion. My column isn't going to be on abortion and not directly on gun violence, gun control, or 2nd Amendment questions, but I'm just trying to find a line of attack on a separate issue.

However, I have tangential thoughts on the conservative blogger's opposition to outlawing abortion. SayUncle says that he is opposed to abortion, but doesn't want to invite the government into regulating people's personal lives. While I disagree with SayUncle on many things, I believe that there is a logical consistency between opposing gun control and opposing the regulation of abortion, given suspicion of government. But I was a little disappointed that SayUncle did not make the connection even stronger, given his past argument that "guns don't kill people; people kill people." It seems to me he could say the same thing about abortion.

I'm working on a line of attack on another issue using this logical framework.

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