Thursday, February 12, 2009

If GOP Senators Reject Stimulus on the Front End, How Can They Stoop to Accept It on the Back End?

South Carolina Republican slams the stimulus bill as a "slush fund" then says it would be crazy for South Carolina not to accept their part of the "slush fund" (via Think Progress):

This hypocrisy is cut from exactly the same cloth as that of those who demonize government while burrowing farther into offices and government positions.


  1. During the past Congressional campaign Jim Cooper spoke out against earmarks. You castigated him for not accepting them given that was the way business was done and we weren't receiving our fair share.

    Now the Republicans come out against the stimilus package but say they will accept funds if it is passed and you rail against them.

    It seems neither stance makes you happy and the hypocrisy is in your own position.

  2. I believe that Cooper should fight for reasonable earmarks for average Tennesseans.

    I believe that Republican should fight for reasonable earmarks for average constituents.

    Both should put posturing aside.