Tuesday, February 10, 2009

But at least his experience of Downtown as the "Epicenter of Cool" is still intact

Today I found out from an acquaintance that she parked her car Downtown one night recently only to return to find some dude asleep in her backseat. Not only was said dude drunk, but he had thrown up several times while inside for good measure. When she woke him up the party lush gave her sixty bucks for the damage and took off. Since then, the dude's smell abides in her car.  It abides even though she's paid much more than sixty bucks to have the car cleaned and detailed.

I guess some would consider the collateral injury of a decent person a small price to pay to protect the basic entitlement of every Downtown bar hopper and club bopper to this hip Music City Experience free from sterilization. It's all right there in your founding documents. Freedom from sphincter. Go read them.

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