Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Strike against a New South Rising Hypothesis

The NY Times reports of blowback of jobless constituents against mostly southern group of Republican Governors plus Democrat Phil Bredesen, who are rejecting the federal unemployment benefits in Obama's stimulus bill:
unemployed workers said they were incensed to learn they were living in one of a handful of states — many of them among the poorest in the nation — that might not provide the expanded benefits.
The fact that Mr. Bredesen has joined the Republicans on this issue is further evidence that having Democrats in power in a southern state does not signal a progressive sea change in the south.

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  1. Ya know, I hate that "Neo-Confederate" conspiracy theory crapola.

    A tiny segment of the fringe on our side of the political equation get their kicks hating on anyone and anything "South". Most of them have never even been here.
    It the same Bush-like stupidity we see from the Right, only the target is different.
    I guess even us Liberals have our goofball paranoiacs. Thank God they are few.

    If The South (God bless her soul) is moving anywhere it's Left. Everything is moving Left.

    Mild rant, I'll stop here. :)

    Thanx for mentioning it.