Sunday, February 08, 2009

Enclave's 4th Blogiversary

I started blogging from the North End four years ago today under no illusion that I would still be doing so in 2009.  But here is how this illusion materialized:
  • 5,000 posts
  • 3+ posts a day
  • Currently averaging about 500 visitors a day (over 700 page loads a day)
  • Almost 100% of my Google ad cut given away to local non-profits:
    • Nashville Jazz Workshop ($200)
    • Fisk University ($190)
    • Neighborhood Resource Center ($100)
    • Friends of The Nashville Farmers' Market ($100)
  • Parlayed hyper-local blogging into a writing gig at NashFreep

Thanks to all of the readers who stopped by in the last four years and thanks to the cadre of bloggers who linked, aggregated, quoted, and otherwise blogrolled Enclave.


  1. Congratulations! Nice work on one of the best examples of the the "hyper local."

  2. Congratulations!!! And happy blogoversary. I'll uncork a bottle of elitist chardonnay in your honor!

    Keep up the good work ...

    (btw today's captcha word is "ingfunk." I find that very funny for some reason.)