Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Feel Good GOP Hypocrisy Saturday: Schwarzenegger and Jindal

Before red-state Democratic Governors deign to mimick their Republican counterparts they better consider the recent cases of two of the most notable:
  • In Caleefornia, a Schwarzenegger administration official received free tickets and meals from an energy company for her daughter to attend a Justin Timberlake concert. Not only did she charge taxpayers for a flight from Sacramento to Los Angeles, but she also stiffed them for the tickets and the meals she did not pay for even after the Governor "banned" nonessential travel.
  • Louisiana's Bobby Jindal's star is quickly shrinking on the horizon as significant elements in his response to Obama's SOTU are shown to be deceptive. Jindal's own transportation department intends to apply for some of the Obama stimulus--which Jindal called pork on Tuesday night--for a passenger rail service from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.
Enjoy your After Tea Parties, Tennessee Republicans.

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