Monday, February 16, 2009

Bush Broke It, We Just Keep Buying It

The cost of the Iraq War just keeps growing and growing with the VA's proposed GI Bill:
Under the new GI Bill, which goes into effect in August, eligible veterans can get their tuition covered up to the cost at the most expensive public college in the state, based on undergraduate resident tuition and fees, in addition to receiving housing and book stipends. The estimated price-tag for the legislation is high: $28.1 billion over the first five years and $78.1 billion through 2018. But some worry whether the cost will rise even higher if the preliminary rates published online by the VA stand ....

“Essentially, what it looks like they’ve done is they’ve taken the highest charge per credit hour of a particular institution and then they found the highest fee amount at an institution, but they could be two completely different institutions. And then you put those together to come up with the amount that a student would be eligible for under the new GI Bill in that particular state,”
While the maximum charge per credit hour in Tennessee is no where close to the highest (Texas), Tennessee blows away the rest of the states in maximum total fees per term at a whopping $15,130 (an undergrad flight training program at MTSU is the culprit for that number).

I wonder if the Bushies support our troops strongly enough to demand that the next couple of generations of Americans pay these bills.

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