Thursday, February 19, 2009

Salemtown, Hope Gardens, & Historic Buena Vista Might Beg to Differ

Village Real Estate spokesman Chad Sain perpetuates a myth of "Urban Oasis" Germantown: that it is the only urban neighborhood not cut off by a major interstate or the Cumberland River. This is a bad medicine show for adjoining neighborhoods inside the loop that are just as "walkable." If Germantown is being pitched as a "true urban neighborhood," what does that make the rest of us?

Maybe he meant, "Germantown is the only urban neighborhood not cut off that really matters." Or maybe the other North End neighborhoods are marketed as nothing more than G-town's I-65 sound buffer.


  1. How annoying, and sad that someone from Village would exhibit such blatant ignorance of the downtown neighborhoods.

  2. Its sales,...what do you expect? His job was to highlight a certain location, and obviously that was germantown. If it was north end, it would have been the same pitch but all the neighboring locations would have been mentioned. It was a sales pitch, and really nothing more.

  3. Who would've thought that after 30 YEARS of fighting crime, prostitution, and blatant drug dealing/use that Germantown would get this kind of positive video revue? Perhaps, if the penis envy stopped, and the surrounding neighborhoods did the same, they'd get their very own video too. Being a long time resident of Germantown and after a lot of hard work to make Germantown the neighborhood it is today (I've chased and apprehended several criminals in my day), it's saddens me when people treat it as if a magic wand was involved that makes Germantown special.

  4. Penis envy? In the G-town president's terms, S-towners are too "fucking moronic" to grasp the notion of penis envy.

    What makes you think I haven't been fighting crime in S-town for 5 years? I've argued with gang members, with drug dealers, and with slum-lord developers. If you took some time to get to know some of your neighbors outside of your tight G-town circle (assuming this particular anonymous commenter actually lives in G-town) you might know that.

    I don't give a crap about getting a video. That's not the point. The point is that Village's sales pitch in the video is patently false, despite the excuses made for it by others.

    S-town, Hope Gardens, and Buena Vista are all within the I-state loop and walkable. And they are truly urban. Even in some ways that G-town is not. Care to open up that can of worms, sparky?

  5. "Sparky" here...
    I just felt I needed to clarify a few things about my last post. I hate that it seemed like I directed my comment to everyone in all the surrounding neighborhoods when it's really only directed towards you. I applaud them and even you for all your hard work to make your neighborhoods a safe and inviting place to live. I love and know many of my neighbors to my north, south and west and enjoy visits to their homes often. It's sad you have to bring up comments that aren't my own to make your point. I have no clue about S-towners being "fucking moronic" as I have many friends there. However, unfortunately for you, many in your own backyard see YOU in that way. It's just seems you have this hatred toward Germantown and thus the "penis envy" comment. When anything good happens for Germantown, all you can do is say "Why not me?" I'm not a regular to your blog, and hear most of your trash talk from neighbors AND your neighbors who have grown tired and embarrassed by you trying to be their mouthpiece. Yes, I am a current resident of Germantown and I LOVE my neighbors in Salemtown, Hope Gardens and Buena Vista and wish nothing but the best for them.
    (Too bad this post will not see the light of day on your post.)

  6. Sparky:

    I learned a long time ago not to get in tit-for-tats with anonymous trolls who lack the decency to say the things they comment to your face, so I'll just deal w/a couple of these points.

    If you're maintaining that not all of my neighbors care for me, then I say that your point is self-evident, and thus in no need of statement. I'm not naive enough to assume that all my neighbors like me. I would be surprised if anyone garnered the esteem of all of their neighbors. And I don't publish my opinions to be liked by everyone or to claim that everyone shares my views.

    And if your point is that some of my neighbors whom I believe like me tell you otherwise, then I would respond that their lack of candor is less my problem and more theirs.

    In dealing with me my neighbors know what they get. Not only do they get authenticity in the hood, but they can download it on the blog. I stand by my words. If they don't like it they don't have to read it. And I rarely assume that blogs have that much power anyway.

    I don't hate G-town, but I don't envy it either. I have had honest disagreements with my neighbors who would like to see S-town become more like G-town with less diversity and fewer families with children. My impression is that they wouldn't mind if Morgan Park was a botanical garden rather than a playground or if after-school programs for teenagers disappeared and the Community Center became a young adult yoga haven. Those kind of G-town lifestyle choices are important to them. Thus, the envy is not mine.

    While those priorities are not important for me, I have continued to be supportive of G-town neighbors when they sought help. Thus, the hatred is not mine, either. But I've also listened to long-time S-town neighbors who trace their distrust of G-town back to when HGI began reaching beyond Monroe as northward development got whiter. Are some of those critics your friends, too?

    There may be those who are embarrassed by me, but they know where I live and they are certainly welcome to come down and try to perform an intervention. Until they are successful, I will continue to express my thoughts about problems I see around us.

    It's just a blog. Nobody is required to like it or even read it.

  7. "Sparky" again---
    Don't criticize Germantown for it's lack of diversity - at the present - especially due to economic factors beyond it's control. When land prices go up, people sell and cash out. In fact, Germantown supports the subsidized - that is the Section 8 development of Jefferson Street Lofts. That's a 71 unit apartment complex in the neighborhood that will house low income residents of all backgrounds.
    As for the yoga center at Morgan Park -- please point me to an email, posting or other information that shows that is what Germantown wants ---
    You really don't know us do you ? Besides, if not for Germantown success, would you currently be residing in Salemtown? Troll? Please save me the sophomoric name calling. I'll meet u on a street corner anyday.

  8. Hands down, one of the best responses I've ever seen, Mike. It says it all, and then some. Interesting how envy was automatically assumed..."don't hate us because we're beautiful". In a sophmoric (or, perhaps sophmoronic is better given the term of endearment from our G'town 'friends') response, you could have said, "don't hate me because my blog is read"

  9. This one goes out to Sparky. I'm a Salemtowner and I'd like to meet you to discuss this. You say that you'd gladly meet Mike...yet, you still don't disclose your identity. Or, maybe you have to him. Who knows. But, regardless. I'm a neighbor of yours and I'd like to enlighten you that their is a different opinion than you might be led to believe by the handful of Salemtowners you consider your neighbors. See, I actually didn't want to live in Germantown propper. For if I had, I'd have bought there. I wanted to have that same sort of experience that you all had years ago when your neighborhood was being rebuilt. I applaud you for your efforts and your success. I know you have all worked hard to get it what it is. And, I realize that our associations are so different in so many ways. However, I'm also aware that sadly, there are neighbors here who wish so badly they were Germantown. It must suck to wish you were something you are not. And, I guess I don't understand why they aren't in Germantown. But, I assure you that not everyone or even the majority of folks down here in S'town are ashamed of who or what they are or who their neighbors are or what they say. Most of us support and welcome our diverse opinions and lifestyles. We don't always agree, but we respect each other. So, if you are like that as well, please have the respect to say this to our faces. I invite you to our next association meeting, even. Morgan Park, Monday 23, 6:30. If that doesn't work for you, then just contact me personally. email: