Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Conservative Calls Progressive Christians "Blind" And "Hardly Christian"

I always have my suspicions--cynical though they may be--that neo-conservatives only defend theo-conservatives in order to keep them voting Republican. Some criticism I received recently from a conservative blogger did nothing to belay my suspicions:
Insulting conservative Christians is not a rare occurrence on liberal blogs, even though it seems like a bad strategy for winning elections in the red states.
I doubt that blogger will speak up for progressive Christians when some in his camp hurl their own insults, so I'll seize the opportunity myself.

In a July 8 e-mail to his followers, obtained by the Christian Alliance for Progress (CAP), Jerry Falwell wrote that Christians who associate with CAP only "label themselves Christian" and that they distort the Bible. According to Falwell, the name "Christian" only applies to those groups like his own who define Christianity by what happens to the soul after death and by their devotion to a narrow number of scriptures emphasized at the expense of others. The rest of the millions of us Christians worldwide are simply "blind" and not "spiritually minded."

I don't even care if insulting their more liberal fellows is a good or a bad electoral strategy for conservatives. I just wish their own propensity to insult others would keep conservatives off of their haughty high horse when they get some criticism from our side.

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