Friday, July 15, 2005

What Is It About Nashville That Makes Those Theo-Conservatives So Relentless?

First, it was the Southern Baptists and their door-to-door solicitation, offset by their closed-door policies at their Downtown Convention.

Now it's the Family Research Council coming to the Fundamentalist Two Rivers Baptist Church in far east Nashville for another round of "Justice Sunday," as if Senator Bill Frist hadn't got bogged down in enough stink over "Justice Sunday I" and his participation therein. The Family Research Council must have it out for Senator Frist, inviting him into the breach the first time, and now adding the final coffin nail to his presidential aspirations by holding their next Supreme Court nomination pep rally in the heart of Frist country, Donelson.

Here's an exerpt from the Associated Baptist Press report on "Justice Sunday II":
The Family Research Council announced it will broadcast "Justice Sunday II" from Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, a large Southern Baptist congregation, Aug. 14. The telecast is a follow-up to a controversial "Justice Sunday" telecast from a Southern Baptist church in Louisville, Ky., in April.
The event takes its subtitle, "God save the United States and this honorable court," from an invocation the Supreme Court's marshal pronounces every time the court sits. It is designed to highlight the issues important to social conservatives and the opportunity they have to shift the court to a solid 5-4 majority in favor of many of their positions.
The telecast will feature FRC President Tony Perkins along with a host of religious conservative leaders, such as Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, Prison Fellowship founder Charles Colson, and Zell Miller of Georgia, a former Democratic senator turned conservative activist.

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  1. Mike, this might surprise you, but I don't like this sort of thing. I think it hurts the churchs main purpose, which is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I used to think it was okay, and I still think they have the "right" to be involved in politics, but I just don't think they should be.

    BTW, I just posted about flag burning and I linked to you in my post.