Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Morgan Park Place Begins As More Place Than Park

Pictures below are of heavy equipment knocking down some old growth trees on the property where Morgan Park Place will be.

In an e-mail sent out last week from Mark Deutschmann at Village Real Estate, Morgan Park Place (linked in the right-hand column of Enclave) is called an "environmentally-friendly project." I do not intend with these pictures to question whether Morgan Park Place will be "environmentally-friendly," or to question the need to take down some trees in order to build "environmentally-friendly" housing. Maybe the trees were diseased and probably needed to come down. And both Deutschmann's company and Lawrence Bros. LLC seem to be some of the more progressively minded companies in Nashville.

However, as a recipient of the e-mail and a resident in the vicinity, I do wonder why the folks behind Morgan Park Place would publicize the project as "environmentally-friendly" just before they take down some old, large trees. The timing of the terminology does not seem good from this layperson's perspective. Nonetheless, I am not an extremist tree-hugger and I am suspending judgment until I see the finished project.

I'm interested to read what others might think about this. Progress? Regress? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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